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"Working with Lucy was a really positive and fun experience. The coaching was expertly adapted to my ability-level and I felt that I was given the right amount of challenge." - Vicki Grimshaw, Back To Netballer.

"I've loved it [the programme] and totally have recommended it to my whole team " - Fayme

"I've really loved the programme this week, it's give me some great direction to work on things that will help in my game" - Hannah

Misty Slopes

circular fitness

a nu era

Our aim is to allow netballers across the country to grow in confidence on court by enabling them to access circular training programmes designed to address all the elements of netball that we love and love to hate!

We are focussed on bringing this ethic to ALL netballers of any age, position or ability and truly celebrating the diversity of our sport, whilst helping you to play to your strengths and develop your weaknesses.

We believe netball is on the edge of something amazing and we can't wait to get started, get you firing and help push your performances to new heights!


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