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Getting Started

First steps: you should have received an email from True Coach, this will take you through the process of how to access your 2 month Elite nova x netu netball programme, written by Lucy and Rosie Harris (qualified personal trainers and professional netball players with international experience).


The process is as follows:

  1.  Download the True Coach App

  2. Create your own personal True Coach account.

  3. Adjust your notification preferences. The App automatically sends emails to you, if you miss a workout (some people like it others find it annoying - up to you!) 

  4. Smash out your training!

We are really excited to have you on board and can’t wait to see your progress. 


The app allows also allows you to:

  1. Track your progress. You can record your weights, write what you managed to do/how you felt in the session. Then the week after you can view previous exercise history to see how well you are progressing! 

  2. Upload videos for feedback. You can upload videos if you doing your exercises and we can then give you feedback.

  3. Message us: you will also be able to message Lucy and Rosie to ask for tips, alternative exercises or to help resolve any issue you might have.


You will have access to the app up until the 7th March 2021.


If you enjoy the program make sure you check out the other products we have on offer to keep up all the hard work you have put in over the last few weeks.


The road ahead

Although January 2021 has started with a lockdown, we believe that this is a great opportunity to consolidate all the training you did before Christmas and make gains on your competition when many wont have the tools to train effectively. We hope to provide you with the tools to maintain and improve you netball skills, physicality and therefore future performances. Each week you will get different netball specific workouts that will aim to target every element of training required of a top netballer.


Monday: Endurance

Tuesday: Strength

Wednesday: Skills

Thursday: Landing Mechanics & Skills

Friday: Rest & Stretch

Saturday: Speed and Agility

Sunday: Rest & Stretch

You will have 8 weeks in total. Each week will be different and get progressively harder.

We have based this programme on our own training experiences as top players and as qualified personal trainers. We take the safety and health of our athletes very seriously, furthermore, we have carefully planned the load and difficulty of the sessions to ensure that injury prevention is a key feature of our training. Due to the age of the athletes and the remote nature of the programme, we cannot coach weight-lifting therefore any resistance will only be in the form of body weight and band exercises.


Getting sweaty!

Once you are up and running on the app here's how you access your workouts:

1. Click on your app.

2. Click on the day it is you want to do your workout on.

3. Click on the first exercise.

4. View the video demonstration.

5. View the reps and sets you need to complete.


7. Add any notes to the bottom of the exercise if you wish, for yourself or for us e.g. record how hard you found it or if you progressed from the week before.

8. Click complete when you have finished each exercise.

9. Repeat for every exercise.

10. Click "completed workout" at the end of your session.



Talk to us

The great thing about using an app is that we can interact with you and help or guide you through your programme easily. We aim to respond to these within 24hours.

1. You can message us using the messaging tool - we can chat to you about the programme or any issues you might be having.

2. You can comment within or at the end fo your workout - we can help you with the exercises you have written about and feedback to you with progressions or regressions if you require.

3. You can video yourself doing the exercises and we can help coach you remotely by feeding back on your form.

4. You can also email us on at any time or give us a call on 07557104708.

There are also video demonstrations for each exercise, if you have any trouble accessing the videos make sure you check you internet connection as they are sourced from our youtube page.


We can always help

1. Difficulty With Access

Contact us via email, text or call if you are struggling to set up your True Coach app or account. We will be able to help you. or 07557104708.

2. Inaccurate Emails

If you receive an introduction email but no True Coach invite - double check your junk. If it is not in there contact us as we may have originally had an inaccurate email and we will need to update our email in the app itself. 

3. Dual Household Programmes

If you are living in the same house and would like to share the programme, you will have to share the device on which the app is downloaded. When interacting with us make sure you put "name:..." so we know who we are communicating with.

4. Time Limitations

You will have access to the programme until the 7th March 2021. This give you 2 months to enjoy our nova x netu programme. After this you will be removed from the app and will no longer have access to the sessions.

If you wish to remain on the programme, please contact us and we can arrange an extension (if ill or injured).


We can give you the tools to succeed, but you have to put in the work to get there.

Most importantly we are here to support you along your training journey. Please use us as much or as little as you want. We want you to improve so communicating with us will allow us to collaborate with you and get the best results.

Be kind to yourself. It is ok if you miss a session, you can either rest and go back to the session at another time or crack on with the rest of the programme the next day. Listen to your body.

That being said, we need to push ourselves out of our comfort zones to improve, so it's a fine balance and we will do our best to help you find it.

Overall we have poured over these programmes to make sure they are the best netball specific product we could develop. We hope you love it as much as we do and we can't wait to see the results. GOOD LUCK!!!

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