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At NETU we are committed to making sure our clients can access netball training that will make them fit, healthy and feeling great during these uncertain times. We believe it is particularly important to be helping people be active when many are lacking that team sport environment and a fun, effective exercise plan that can be done safely.

Therefore, we have come up with some "Covid-conscious" solutions to get you back to netball, whilst maintaining a safe training environment:

1. Online 1:1 Coaching & PT - £30.

We can offer online 1:1s, these sessions can be done solo, but we recommend you have someone to feed the ball to you to help with drills and ​timing. We are happy to offer these sessions at a 1/2 price discounted rate of £30 per hour (this price can be variable by applying any discount codes available at the time). Group coaching - £45, Group PT - £30. G

2. Outdoor Coaching - £60 for 1:1, £80 for 1:2-4 groups, £100 for 1:5+

Although weather dependent we are able to offer netball training outdoors in Leeds and Worcester. This will allow you to benefit from the safer element of airflow outside. We are able to bring our own sanitised equipment to these sessions, which will add a level of resistance and intensity that you may not achieve at home (this price can be variable by applying any discount codes available at the time).

3. No-Gym Access Online Programme - £40 (pre-order only).

This is a 4 week programme that consists of a mix of indoor and outdoor training with very little equipment needed (where home-made alternatives would always be available). We believe this is the next best thing to getting to the gym and will prepare your mind and body for the season ahead (this price can be variable by applying any discount codes available at the time).

Additional Covid measures:

  • Any equipment provided by us will be sanitised.

  • Hand sanitiser will be used at the start and throughout a session, this includes the coach and any participants.

  • A mask can be worn by the coach at the client's request.

  • Groups are limited to 5 with a coach (indoor).

  • We recommend that you do not attend a session that will make you feel uncomfortable.

  • We ask that you seek medical advice before booking a session to ensure you are not in a high risk Covid group. If you do belong to a high risk group we recommend an online session.

  • We ask that you confirm you accept our T&Cs prior to booking, which includes some Covid disclaimers.

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