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We had an epiphany that, if we had trained 'smart' throughout our careers, we would be less injured and far better athletes.

At NETU, we aim to help you with the many aspects of fitness that modern netball encompasses, including; strength, endurance, flexibility, stability, injury prevention, skills, agility, nutrition and mental wellbeing. In targeting these elements, we have developed a "circular fitness concept", which will be a constant feature of all our training.

Anyone can train hard, but it is up to you to train smart!

As netballers ourselves, we recognise that netball requires you to be in great all-round shape, yet, in the past, we have all felt a lack of confidence in what we are doing in preparation for our season.

Now, we would like to provide programmes and sessions that will help give players confidence in their training both in and out of the gym and therefore confidence on court.

We believe netball is on the edge of something amazing and we want to help it get there. In offering these sessions, we hope to contribute to netball's continuing growth, with fewer injuries, and healthier, happier players.







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