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Three Sisters

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Lucy, Rosie and Molly Harris here, just telling you a bit about ourselves!

Five years apart, but as close as anything, we have always shared a huge passion for sport from a young age, where we all eventually specialised in netball.

Lucy has played for five years professionally in the Netball Super League, with teams in Yorkshire and the Midlands.

Rosie has also joined Lucy in the Super League and went head to head with her sister in the grand final twice!! (Lucy’s team Wasps, just sneaking victory on both occasions).

Molly has represented NPL (junior Super League) team Yorkshire and is currently playing for Team North NPL, whilst also pursuing a BSc in physio.

In addition to ourselves, our family unit consists of Becky (mum), Nick (dad) and little brother Jack, and certainly not forgetting our gorgeous ridgebacks!!

Growing up in the Harris household was a pretty fun, team-oriented and routine driven upbringing. For as long as we can remember our dad would get us up every day before school to do 20 x press-ups, sit ups, leg raises and chin-ups on bars screwed into our bedroom doorways. As strange as this sounds and as stroppy as we could be, this taught us to get into good habits especially in starting off the day with functional movement that set us in good stead for any training we had later on (plus it genuinely was not worth the argument 😂). Much to our dismay, boyfriends also had to take part in this challenge if they were to be allowed to stay over... 😳 - anyway all three of our other halfs are still alive and kicking so maybe there was method to the madness!

We have always been competitive as siblings and we have often attributed this environment to our motivation in elite sport. There was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WORSE than getting beaten by each other (even to the front seat of the car), which lead to a fair bit of foul-play and tears but eventually made us into better athletes. Because death is better than losing to your sister... 😂.

As we grew into older age groups, we found a more manageable middle ground when it came to competition and actually being able to call upon a sister in the performance netball sphere ended up being awesome! And apart from the time where Lucy wore her gold medal down to breakfast the morning after the first grand final.... and the second... it has been such a supportive and fun journey to go on together.

Having the ability to call on someone for support that is not only so close to you, but also someone who totally "gets it", the pressure, the doubt, the sacrifice, the commitment and the ambition, is such a blessing and something we are all really grateful for.

In setting up netu, it was a bit of a no brainer for us. Both Rosie and Lucy are now qualified PTs and with Molly being able to set up a physio aspect in the future, we all felt the time was right to develop something different and something tailored to netball specifically! Not just something altered to be geared towards netball, but that is based on the demands of playing netball, enabling players to train smartly and efficiently.

Currently, netball is the fastest growing sport in the UK (evidenced by the new sign-up numbers, post the Commonwealth Games England win, growing by a staggering 160,000). We know from first hand experience that although netball is on the rise, there is still a lack of strength and conditioning tools out there to enable many netballers to get stronger both mentally and physically, whilst also preventing serious injuries. This is further driven by gyms often being seen as intimidating "male dominated areas" and the ever-present stigmas towards body types, especially diverse, strong and healthy sportswomen. This rubbish is something we're keen to dispel and want to give women the confidence to feel positive and excited about going to the gym! With this in mind, we have developed a circular fitness concept that is designed to cover all a netballer needs from coaching, nutrition, mental wellness and physical ability. We also aim to provide this for the diverse community of netballers across the UK, in any age group, at all levels and with a variety of ambitions.

Lucy has a BSc in Geology and a law conversion, whilst Rosie has a BSc in Geography. In both environmental disciplines it became very clear that the need for sustainable practices in industry is now a non-negotiable. One of our company values is #sustainableisnonnegotiable and we will constantly endeavour for all our practices to be environmentally conscious.

We hope that gives you a bit of an insight into our lives and we can't wait to share some really incredible stories and netball articles through our blogs in the coming months. See you then!!!

Authored by Lucy, Rosie and Molly Harris, Co-Founders of netu.

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